PROJECT #15: Vicki White

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PROJECT # 15: Vicki White
Home where your body belongs

Come along to Manning Regional Art Gallery to engage with practicing artist Vicki White as she shares her artistic journey and maps her physical reconnection with the Manning Valley landscape.

Vicki is the gallery’s artist in residence from May 16 to June 3.

Her Wall Project, 'Traversing the Inner Landscape' explores her personal story and pilgrimage as she reconnects with the Moto area, which was once her grandparents' farm.

Vicki will use her body and props gathered from the land to produce a series of intriguing drawings, paintings and photographs on the gallery wall.

It is inspired by the late Irish poet and philosopher John O’Donohue who said, “when you bring your body out into the landscape, you’re bringing your body home to where it belongs. Because with all due respect, human bodies weren’t made for offices, for streets and corners and tight spaces”.

“By returning to Moto, the area around what was once my grandparents' farm, I will use my body and gathered props from the landscape to produce drawings and photographic reference for working back on the wall in the gallery, considering the notion of landscape as a living source of wisdom, beauty and transformative power,” she said.

“The use of my own body and props becomes a theatrical performance of sorts, and is dramatised by the use of photography in a cinematic process to exaggerate the symbolism inherent in the work".

The gallery's Wall Project allows local artists to explore, collaborate and showcase their artistic skills in an interactive environment: one of the Gallery’s internal walls during opening hours.

Vicki will also conduct a two day workshop 'The Art of Painting and Drawing a Symbolic Narrative' from 10am to 3pm on Saturday May 26 and Sunday May 27. 

Participants will use their own collected props and objects to explore ways to develop their own visual language and incorporate symbolism and metaphor into their work.

The exhibition "Traversing the Inner landscape" by Vicki White will be on The Wall from Wednesday May 16 until Sunday June 3 and entry is free.

Vicki's workshop costs $280 and bookings are essential. Visit for more information and to book.

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