Art after Brain Injury - continuance: therapy: compulsion:

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Exhibition dates 7 December 2023 - 27 January 2024

Exhibition opening Saturday 9th December 2pm

Cynthia Burke + Djen Burns + Jamie Daddo + Peter Davidson + Jillian Oliver + Scott Pollock + Mark Waller

An artistic lens or perspective of how differently artists see the world after brain injury. The artists in this exhibition have many different types of brain injuries - from mild to severe - with a huge variety of outcomes.

Art provides a new or renewed sense of purpose in their lives, also a way of communicating how the world looks now – something often impossible to explain in words.

Some artists use art as therapy, for others it’s a compulsion or a continuance, but each have a different perspective to life after their injury.

Therapy – DJEN CORBEN finds art a satisfying therapy after sustaining a traumatic brain injury while living in Rockfish, VA in the United States. She very much uses art as a therapy; ex-police officer JILLIAN OLIVER was injured on duty and is now an artist and art mentor to first responders.

Continuance –– MARK WALLER was an established artist before his brain tumour, and now views his work with a new perspective. JAMIE DADDO followed his dream to become an artist after an horrific car accident at 18 years of age. Stroke survivor PETER DAVIDSON, a world-renowned architect, now finds art and music at the centre of his slow, ongoing recovery.

Compulsion – SCOTT POLLOCK, had a ruptured brain aneurysm. He had periods of hypomania where art takes over his life, sometimes painting manically. He never painted before.

Exhibition curator CYNTHIA BURKE had a ruptured brain aneurysm seven years ago. As the curator and advocate I want to highlight brain injury, the many causes and outcomes, creating discussion and awareness through art.

Too often brain injury is an invisible injury and disability. It seems fitting to use a visual medium to gain attention. 


image: Scott Pollock

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