Pat Land - Timeline

Born and raised in England I subconsciously absorbed its landscape and imagery until twelve years ago when I migrated to Taree.  Retinal ghosts remain; nothing speaks more to me now of the British countryside than the colours and textures of the varied rocks which are its backbone and the diverse ways in which Man has arranged them.

From the dry stone walls of Yorkshire to the herringbone slate configurations of Cornwall, from the highly ordered ornamental gardens of stately homes to the wild basalt columns of the Hebrides, stones set alongside each other form walls which have both practical and psychological uses.  Vaccary walls (huge, thin stone slabs set upright into the earth) keep the cattle in, castle ramparts keep the enemy out, strong garden walls make for good neighbours.

‘Timeline’ is an autobiographical piece; the changing rhythms of repetition, the rich fissures of surface erosions and the bright textures of the living organisms which call the stones home trace my journey.