'Unseen Transitions' - Gemma Cross + Freyja Moon

Unseen Transitions- Main Image.JPG

21 December to 28 January 2023

'Unseen Transitions' is a collaborative exhibition exploring the correlating conditions of the environment and our own psychological experiences. Needle-felt sculptor Gemma Cross and textile artist Freyja Moon draw from their understandings of local nature and mental illness to communicate a message of awareness and compassion for the Earth and ourselves.

Gemma Cross brings attention to the hope for unique local wildlife found within the Mid North Coast through her ghost-white sculptures. Without knowing what inhabits our beautiful Valley, how do we know to care for them? She aims to instill awareness of the threatened species that are currently struggling to survive and are relatively unknown.

Freyja Moon concentrates on ideas of perception, time, and the cycles of nature within their textile hangings. They explore their personal experiences of feeling disconnected from their surroundings due to mental illness as well as dealing with the impacts of traumatic climate events.