Amber Carbury + Laura Southwell: Coalescence

Amber Carbury,
Exhibition Dates: 20 July - 27 August

This exhibition encapsulates the journey between two life-long friends and the unique interpretations gathered from similar experiences and interests.

As a title, Coalescence implies an affinity in merging elements which results in an organic entity. As an entity, this body of work speaks of the coalescence of seemingly opposing natural concepts that are more human constructs to define boundaries. These boundaries are solidified in a moment in time, and entertained through reference to concepts such as; life and death, beauty and the grotesque, natural and synthetic, order and chaos, real and imaginary and past and present.

Within these concepts, the most intimate details emerge. It becomes a celebration of friendship and the musings of love of family and the feeling of home, represented through nature in figurative and patternistic narratives.