Trevor Weekes - To be humanised 2


Exhibition dates:18 February - 1 April  2021

"In 2010 I created a body of work called ‘To be Humanised ‘

The paintings and sculptures depicted spider monkeys in an unnatural setting: The human interior. 

The images were focused on the spider monkey echoing human behaviour in Human settings ranging from domestic scenes to the ornate settings.  In some of the compositions the monkeys were engaging with other animals such as birds who became the monkeys pet.

I spent approximately six weeks at Taronga Zoo in the enclosure, sketching, photographing and observing their behaviour."

"For the new body of work I could not get up close to the big cats  other than Zoo enclosures therefore had to rely on observation from a distance and in most cases, the internet for reference.

My decision to focus on cats was multi purposed. I have had cats as pets but have always admired the wild cats because of their beauty and majesty."