Franc Hancock - The Forest

Forest for the Trees
Exhibition Dates:19 January - 26 February 2017
The Forest stands quietly in the Gallery space, reminiscent of a forest after a fire or the stillness found during an early morning bush walk. Utilising Sumi ink, Franc Hancock creates dynamic large scale works on paper and his latest installation is captivating. 
Writer and friend Julie Shea notes of his work “Approaching the biomorphic ink works of Franc Hancock is like descending to ancient earth from afar. The abstract greyscale landscape looks familiar - we recognise with rivers and rivulets, barren scars, fields of flowers, forests, vast lakes and ocean shores, the contours of the land advancing and retreating in light and shadow.” 
Living and working in regional NSW, Hancock’s work explores these rich landscapes through the journey of abstraction, and works with the sublime to render works of immense beauty and contemplation, not only reflective of the rural environment but of the artists mind.