from the ground UP - Yvette + Peter Hugill

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Exhibition dates  19 October - 3 December

Yvette and Peter’s latest collaboration has them again combining Yvette’s painting with Peter’s ceramics.

‘From the Ground Up’ takes us on a journey from the earthen world up through grasses to the skies above.

Yvette’s landscapes are inspired by light, shadows and compositional patterns in the environment. Whilst the majority of her work is based on the local landscape, she also creates colourful still lifes that complement a selection of ceramic pieces that Peter has thrown for her to decorate.

Yvette has been exhibiting regularly for 40 years and now enjoys the experience with Peter. This is their ninth joint exhibition.

Peter has been potting since 2008 and has created a variety of domestic-ware and some purely decorative pieces accentuated with sgraffito designs overlaid with oxides.

He uses a number of different bodies ranging from porcelain to stoneware and local clays. Peter is constantly modifying and testing glazes to suit the pieces being created.  He works using gas kilns with firing temperatures of 1300c, producing different effects with a reduction atmosphere.