Untethered Fibre Artists - Strange Notions

Robyn McGrath web.jpg

Exhibition dates 2 April - 18 May 2024

Strange Notions:  a fanciful conception or impression of the experienced and imagined.

The theme, Strange Notions, delves into rich resources, from the tangible to the non-tangible, the personal to the communal, Strange Notions yields critical reflections and thoughtful projections from the artists.

20 fibre and textile artists interrogate, interpret and respond to the theme to produce 36-40 fibre artworks, in varying sizes and configuration, as an interrelated exhibition.

untethered fibre artists inc. aim to extend the viewers vocabulary of textile and fibre art and to provoke personal thoughts and journeys through contemporary, innovative and expertly crafted works.


Image: Robyn McGrath Corridors and Compartments 2023

Commercial wool felt, silk tops, hand dyed silk and cotton fabric, marbled cotton, wool yarn, tulle, wire, air conditioning duct, cable ties, curtain tape, found objects.