LINEAGE - Heather + Kate Dorrough

Kate Dorrough cover 2023.jpg

Exhibition dates 1 February - 23 March 2024

This exhibition is a conversation across time. The multi-disciplinary works of mother and daughter Heather and Kate Dorrough explore the nexus between the arts and crafts movements, female creative lineage, body and landscape, river and fertility, and environmental issues and activism. The exhibition encompasses fibre art, paintings, prints, ceramics, sculpture and video.

image: left: Heather Dorrough, Self Portrait No 6 (Buzzflies) 1982  textile, dye, photographic silk screen printing, machine embroidery, 212 x 54 cm

right: Kate Dorrough, The Enduring Echo 2019  stoneware ceramic with glaze, 36 x 49 x 20 cm

Images: Jenni Carter