The Frugal Forest

Exhibition dates: 17 November 2016 to 15 January 2017.

The Frugal Forest presented by Frugal Arts Inc, One Off Makery and Midwaste. A multisensory art installation that feels like a forest but is entirely made of stuff that was headed for landfill. Why a forest? Because a forest is a living example of a zero waste system. There’s no such thing as a dump. Explore a rainforest, discover the sounds, story and atmosphere in this remarkable exhibition.

Imagine a twilit space. You walk along a path, your footfalls softened by leaf litter. Overhead trees, palms, and vines vanish into darkness, and around you grasses, ferns and fungi flourish. The space is filled with the sounds of creatures welcoming the dawn. But as you listen and look, you notice faces in the leaves, a hint of barcode in the bark. The soundscape slides into sounds that you almost recognise from city streets, and out again. Everything you see and hear is made entirely from salvaged materials