Peter Schouten - Into the Wild

Peter Schouten.jpg

Exhibition dates: 7 March - 14 April 2019

Exhibition opening: Saturday 9 March, 2pm

Peter Schouten - Into the Wild

This exhibition explores works from three of Peter’s publications “A Gap in Nature”, “Astonishing Animals” and the most recent release “End of the Megafauna”, and includes some of the extraordinary large scale paintings depicting life-sized creatures.

Peter Schouten is a Wildlife artist, author, natural history illustrator and paleontological illustrator who has been living and working in Bobin, Manning Valley for 16 years. Peter has an international reputation for his specialised area as a Paleontological Reconstructionist, which is the rebuilding of a fossil species. Now on his 14th book, Peter has published some of Australia’s most outstanding wildlife publications. His work features in books such as Gliding Mammals of the World, Prehistoric Animals of Australia, A Gap in Nature, Astonishing Animals, Possums of the World, Tree Kangaroos A Curious Natural History, Feathered Dinosaurs: the Origin of Birds and strangely enough the Encyclopedia of Asian Food. He has co-written books with Dr Tim Flannery and Stephen Jackson as well as producing the book Megafauna which was a collaboration with Dr. Ross MacPhee. Peter’s works are featured in the collections of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, the Natural History Museum in New York, the Naturalis Museum in Holland and in David Attenborough’s private collection.