Matthew Mallia: Fictional Memories

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Exhibition dates: 12 March - 26 April 2020 NOW extended until 14 June 2020

Opening event Friday 13 March at 6pm. Entry $10 adults, $7 Friends members

Matthew Mallia

Fictional Memories 

Not art for art's sake, not drawing for drawing's sake, but also, not deep meaningful messages. Just fun thoughts/memories. Memories of non-fictional events in life are evolving continuously from the moment an event takes place to suit the needs, desires and circumstances of the individual; making them somewhat fictional.

Fictional Memories is a selection of works based on the artists fading, altered and projected memories from the past, present and future.

Memories from the past are only remembered because we choose to bring them forward, altered from their original form to serve us in a current situation, mood or feeling. Present memories are an instantly romanticised interpretation of a current event tailored to the individual ready for future recall. Future memories are invented (not unlike other memories) in anticipation of a chosen or desired situation, mood or state of being.

The selected works reflect the “fictional memories” the artist holds closest to heart and feels that the real life events that sparked them are what makes him who he was, is and will be. 

Image Credit: Matthew Mahlia  Image courtesy of the artist