PROJECT #2: Jana Pearceova, Place and Memory

Exhibition dates: July 1 to July 24 2016

‘We all have a place where we live and a place where we feel we belong. Sometimes these may be the same place, sometimes not.’

Many artists have been influenced by the place where they live, using their surroundings as an inspiration for their work. While reflecting on the ways artists are redefining their geographic narratives of place, place and memory will present the opportunity to journey through a site specific wall installation of mixed media collage composed in a continuous horizontal line, in a ‘shape of walk’. Participants will be able to interact with Jana on a one day free event/Artist’s workshop in the space beside the Wall as an opportunity for gallery visitors to interact with the work and gain an insight into Jana’s art practice that merges drawing, painting, printmaking through the evolution of ideas and materials that have a source in the environment, such working with natural materials collected from local surroundings. The workshop activities invite visitors to explore the variety of mediums, materials and processes that I utilise and the samples produced (if people choose to) will form the scroll format book that will become part of The Wall installation for its duration.