PROJECT #16: Jana Pearceova

Now Showing on the Wall

Following the Invisible Thread

Jana’s project will consist of a collection of artefacts that resemble an informal museum exhibit. Displayed like anthropological specimens, all objects use familiar materials and have hand-constructed elements. The prominence has been placed on the notion of ‘A Thread’ in the explorations of the language of ‘gathered’ materials.

Project aims: While some components are already being developed, I intend to continue make more items while in the gallery. The work will consist of small fibre constructions, hand-pulled botanical prints on paper, collection of feathers and papers with wire structures, strung clay beads and plant dyed paper vessels.

Visitors are invited to share the activities with Jana such as;

Week one: Plant dyeing and printing demonstration while producing printed papers for vessels (image  of vessels below). Wednesday and Thursday

Week two: Producing paper vessels and other items. Wednesday and Thursday