Where we wander - Jessie Beard

Title TBA (Wallabi Beach) 101 x 122cm Jessie Beard.jpg

Where we wander
Jessie Beard

Exhibition dates 19 May to 2 July 2022

Being couped up makes you crave the outdoors. Having restrictions placed upon you of how far you can travel only makes your desire to go further grow stronger. The past two years have impacted everyone’s lives immensely but at the beginning of 2020 I would not have foreseen how pivotal they would become to my art practice. Being at home with a newborn baby during the first of COVID lockdowns, meant I relied on our walks around home in Old Bar and Wallabi Point, absorbing fresh air and a change of scenery. It was in these moments a true appreciation grew for the natural surroundings in our local area. I studied the way small details along the bush track changed and the way the beaches looked from one day to the next depending on the weather. My husband, daughter and I have been venturing out on weekends to discover what the Barrington Coast has to offer. These outings, being immersed in nature, has inspired each piece and ultimately contributed to the way my mark making has evolved. Through an accentuation of colour, movement and intricate details I am creating abstract landscape and nature inspired works that together can depict the place, a memory and associated emotions.