The Patient

Exhibition Dates: 18 May - 16 July

The Patient, curated by Bec Dean, addresses the embodied experience of the artist as medical patient, and the medical patient as living subject in contemporary art. It explores the ways in which artists engage with powerful human experiences in the fields of health, biological science and medicine, contributing to discourse on the representation of illness, disease, care, individual agency and what it is to be human.


Ingrid Bachmann Eugenie Lee
Guy Ben-Ary David McDiarmid
John A Douglas ORLAN
Bob Flanagan & Sheree Rose         Helen Pynor
Brenton Heath-Kerr Jo Spence
Carol Jerrems John Wynne & Tim Wainwright


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Public Programs: The Public Patient

The Public Patient is a participatory program that encourages new ways of thinking about our relationship to sickness and health. Building on themes from The Patient, the program asks how art can offer insights into our experience of the medical world. What does it mean to be sick or well? How do images of the medicalised body influence our understanding of our own health?

Seeing is Believing

BACK by POPULAR demand - Book a time to participate in a one-on-one consultation with Eugenie Lee and her work, Seeing is Believing.

The Virtual Reality experience, Seeing is Believing engages with the medical condition of chronic pain, and takes participants through processes used in neuroscience, as well as an experiential artwork developed by Lee, to understand and treat the condition.


Your participation will take 30 minute. However, if you have chronic pain, I highly recommend you make a double session with me – by registering two 30-minute sessions consecutively.

You will be asked to provide some information as part of the booking process and experience. These questions are for the artist’s future art research and the collaborating scientists’ data collection purpose only. Under no circumstances your information will be shared with any other parties.

Appointments available:

Wednesday 14 June – Saturday 17 June

Eventbrite Link

Or appointments can be made through the Gallery

The Patient Forum

Join artists, doctors and specialists for this cross-disciplinary forum engaging with key issues running through the exhibition The Patient.

1pm – 3pm, Saturday 27 May

 The Pill Box

The Pill Box is an evolving exhibit exploring our intimate relationship to medication. Put your old medicine containers to good use by contributing to an evolving collaborative display in The Patient. Submissions may be made during gallery hours at Manning Regional Gallery reception.

Are YOU Sick?

Join the conversation about what it is like to be a patient. Draw, write and explore the ways in which you experience illness and treatment in Are YOU Sick?


Piecing it Together

Dive into the hybrid cut and paste world of collage in Piecing it Together - a collaborative workshop led by artist Deborah Kelly (live-streamed from The Netherlands) and curator, Bec Dean where participants are invited to reconfigure images from The Patient.

FREE, Bookings are essential. Book at the Gallery

1pm - 4pm Saturday 15 July and Sunday 16 July

Materials provided. Participants are encouraged to bring some of their own sourced collage imagery/ photographs/ textual material to collage with.

The Screening Room

Presented by the Taree Film Society

The Screening Room is a film series that explores the pulpy relationships between science, medicine and the patient. Drawing on themes from The Patient, the films probe the progression of medical and scientific ideas in popular culture and cinematic history, and grapple with the experiences of trauma, death, transformation, pain and the body. Dates and films to be confirmed