Ocean Dreaming

Exhibition Dates:  31 May to 1 July 2018

Call it coincidence, call it fate… it so happens the two Andys were both making enquiries about each other’s work at the same time without having ever met. Andy Snelgar was after a timber board and Andy Wallace looking to purchase some of Andy’s traditional art.  Upon meeting the pair discovered they had a good deal in common… a passion for all things surfing, a love for traditional crafts and most importantly a commitment to authenticity in their respective arts.  With this foundation Andy Wallace approached Andy Snelgar with the idea they team up and do a series of hand shaped timber boards by Andy Wallace featuring the intricate traditional carvings of Andy Snelgar.

And so we have OCEAN DREAMING… a unique selection of classic hollow and “alaia” surfboards featuring the cultural imagery of our ancient home.