Gathering Threads

Jana Pearce.jpg

Exhibition Dates: 16 August - 30 September

 Faye Collier + Pat Davidson + Pat Land + Jana Pearceova + Kath Soper + Hadley Westwood

Gathering Threads is an exploration of how we as artists interpret our own personal responses to the symbolic potential of fibres and textiles.  The exhibition brings together a broad range of creative and innovative approaches from each artist in the form of installations, wall pieces, constructed textiles, sculptural objects and mixed media works.

Fibre has the power to hold memories, evoke past experiences and initiate conversations about the divide between craft and art. These fibre and textile artists share similar inspirations from their everyday surroundings, from nature and the landscape, whether in the form of the materials we use, the forms we create or the subject matter itself.  As a group, they bounce ideas amongst themselves, challenge creative boundaries while maintaining the ongoing level of commitment to the making and showing of new work. 

image: Jana Pearceova Gatherings 2018

plant dyed textiles, marked papers, photographs, found objects, wire and fibres