Official Exhibition Opening @ Manning Regional Art Gallery

Katherine Kachor_The Wifes Tale web.jpg

Exhibition dates: 5 December to 19 January 2019

Official opening:  Friday December 6, 2019 6pm Entry: $10 adults $7 Friends/members


Using fibre as the allegory of the invisible hidden within un:Seen is the new and innovative exhibition by untethered fibre artists – a talented and highly skilled group working predominantly with fibre.

The essence, the core, of group exhibiting is human interaction, imparting a message and sharing a passion. The projected concept of a fibre exhibition sets its self apart from the traditional - with the unconventional intermixing and intermingling of ideas, through the connectivity of the theme un:Seen; utilizing, yet unifying, in the different fibre mediums - encompassing the use of stitch, fibre, fabric, print, found objects and surface design, in a visually dynamic exhibition.

The artworks entice the audience to share in the responses which reflect on individual experience and interpretation of the exhibition title, un:Seen. The works offer insight into that which is hidden, intangible, fleeting and exposed to the gaze of the viewer.

The exhibition “... shows the power and importance of textiles that can endure for centuries and bring forth an emotional response and relate us to the history and traditions of a nation. I can only end up by saying what a wonderful array of fine textile works you are exhibiting..... They show imagination, thoughtful consideration, a range of challenging techniques, clever uses of material and great beauty. Above all they give us an insight into their maker’s dreams, stories and ideas.”





  • Friday, 06 December 2019 | 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


Manning Regional Art Gallery, 12 Macquarie Street, TAREE 2430  View Map

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