MidCoast Cultural Plan Webinar: Creatives and Industry

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Love culture? We know you do! We’ve been thrilled to see so much feedback coming through from the online survey and our inspiration wall!

We are able to share with you some inspiring stories from our region from local knowledge holders and hope you can join us.

The webinars will feature some amazing speakers and will be brought to you wherever you are across the MidCoast. We want to talk about culture and hear about what other places are doing. So get ready for an interesting and inspiring chat!

Along with learning some great tips, your attendance at these webinars will also help shape the draft outcomes for the Cultural Plan.

Creatives and Industry

Wednesday 21st October 6pm (Evening event)

Bring along your refreshment of choice for an entertaining evening with Matty Zarb and Brian Wallace as guest speakers.

Our webinars will be facilitated by Koran North, MidCoast Council’s engagement officer, and Rachel Piercy, Manning Regional Art Gallery Director.

This event will take place on ZOOM. Bookings essential.





  • Wednesday, 21 October 2020 | 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM