Jason Wing - What Binds us...


Exhibition dates: 6 June to 21 July

Exhibition opening: 

Friday, 7 June, 2019

6pm FREE entry

Jason Wing

What binds us…

What binds us…is a new exhibition by Sydney-based Jason Wing, who strongly identifies with his Chinese and Aboriginal Biripi heritage. Wing began as a street artist and has since expanded his practice to incorporate photomedia, installation and painting. Influenced by his bi-cultural upbringing, Wing explores the ongoing challenges that impact his wider community. Calling into question our understanding of history and of our current socio-political reality, Wing repurposes everyday objects and imagery, creating works that are both visually confronting and deceptively simple.

Wing holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Graphic Design, Sydney Graphics College. Wing has exhibited nationally and internationally.

This exhibition has developed over many years with Jason spending time on Country, reconnecting with family and place, creating new work and exploring the intersection of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. In a sense this exhibition is about a homecoming, walking in the footsteps of ancestors and re-connection to family. Wing’s experience of practicing culture, listening to Country, exploring cultural object making cements further cultural understanding. Wing’s work challenges audiences and pushes concepts which will resonate long after you have viewed them.

Image Credit: A still image from Jason Wing’s new video artwork, Brute Force >> Merge Sort Photo by Alex Wisser